Soccer Development Academy

Soccer development academy will foster the growth and development of soccer players  to create the best possible development environment for players of all ages

Soccerda’s  goals are …

To develop a player constructively, teaching them confidence and skills to intuitively evaluate game situations. Concentration on technique and tactical skills are crucial steps to producing a skilled player.  Each session will be challenging and push our players to their limit, always preparing them for the next level of strong competition. Each player has unique strengths that we will teach them to utilize when they confront their opponent

Training Program Goals

  • Build and Perfect Basic Skills
  • Develop and Perfect Advanced Skills

Targeted Skills

•Dribbling •Passing
•Juggling •Shooting
•Foot Skills •Heading
•Ball Movement •Crossing & Shooting
•Receiving •Crossing & Heading
•Heading •Ball control and Creativity
•Goalie Training  Team Spirit
See Soccer Skills Videos: Click Here.


Our Philosophy is player development, not winning at all costs (to make them better players before the age of 15)

Training recommendations

  • Age Groups
    • U/11 thru U/14: Training will consist of 2 hours per session 3/4 xs per week
    • U/8 thru U/10: Training will be 1.5 hour per session 2/3 xs per week
      (Object: at this age is to keep the players in touch with the soccer ball)